Jetway IPC Power Protection Design Series – Safeguarding Your Electronics

Jetway Power Protection Design Series, specifically engineered to safeguard your electronic devices and systems. Our comprehensive lineup includes advanced solutions for Reverse Voltage Protection, Overvoltage Protection, and Overcurrent Protection, ensuring optimal performance and durability for your valuable equipment.

Reverse Voltage Protection (RVP)

Reverse Voltage Protection technology prevents damage caused by applying voltage in the wrong direction. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where users might inadvertently reverse the power source, ensuring seamless and safe operation.

Protection against mistakes: This is especially crucial in circuits where there’s a risk of user error, such as in consumer electronics or battery-powered devices.
Prevents damage: This protection mechanism helps extend the lifespan of electronic devices and reduces the need for frequent repairs.
Ease of use: Incorporating reverse voltage protection can enhance user-friendliness as users do not need to worry about the orientation of the power source when connecting it.

Overvoltage Protection (OVP)

Protect your electronics from voltage spikes and surges with Jetway’s Overvoltage Protection solutions, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging electrical environments.

Reliability: This is especially crucial in mission-critical applications where system downtime or failures can have significant consequences.
Safety: In addition to safeguarding electronic components, overvoltage protection enhances safety by minimizing the risk of electrical hazards, fires, or explosions that may occur due to voltage spikes surpassing safe operating limits.
Compliance: Implementing proper overvoltage protection helps ensure that electronic products comply with safety standards and certifications.

Overcurrent Protection (OCP)

Overcurrent protection helps prevent damage to power sources, such as batteries or power supplies, by limiting current draw to safe levels.

Fault Detection: When an overcurrent condition occurs, these devices quickly interrupt the circuit, isolating the fault and preventing further damage.
Damage Prevention: This is particularly important for portable devices or systems powered by limited energy sources.

Don’t compromise on the safety and reliability of your electronics. You can rely on Jetway solutions, such as JMTX-ADN1 (Mini-ITX), MP21 (PICO-ITX), JF35-ADN1 (3.5”), HM-5000 (Fanless system) and Panel PC series, to maintain system integrity and uptime.

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