Jetway, the professional IPC solution provider with HAILO AI technology bring the market the perfect Edge AI Solutions

  • NPU (Neural-Network Processing Unit): A type of AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology. A system of hardware and software mimicking how human brain work.
  • NPU vs. CPU vs. GPU:
    • CPU (Central Processing Unit): processing data; transferring instruction b/w hardware and software.
    • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit): performing rapid graphics and images calculation; can’t work alone and need assistance from CPU.
    • NPU: combination of CPU + GPU function, built to LEARN how to process, analyze, and utilize large number of data, graphics, or images based on the job requirement.

WHY Jetway Edge AI Solution

Unprecedented AI Capabilities

Scalability to run advanced Video analytics Deep Learning models in High-Resolution & High-Frame Rate

Higher performance and as much as x8 the power efficiency of Nvidia’s best edge device

Industrial-Grade Design & Longevity Support

Excellent Size & Power Efficiency

Jetway Edge AI Solution Applications

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Jetway Edge AI Solution Products

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