Jetway Releases Rock Chip RK3288 Based 7″ Face Recognition System – FRG1-3288 Suitable for All Kinds of Environment and Needs

Taipei, Taiwan, May 6, 2019 – Jetway, a world-leading Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturer, is pleased to launch the Rock Chip RK3288 based 7″ Face Recognition System – FRG1-3288 suitable for all kinds of environment and needs.

FRG1-3288 Series Face Recognition System Feature Highlights:
– Quick response for quick identification, users do not have to wait.
– Face input can be entered or controlled with a dedicated APK.
– A dedicated APK can be used to generate a QR Code for recognition instead of direct face input.
– The local terminal can store 30,000 of face copies, which is suitable for medium and large residential area or business district.
– The local terminal stores exit and entry data without the need for a server.
– The gate machine is able to identify a specific person’s in and out records from a restricted area.
– With attendance software installed, it can function as a company (factory) attendance machine.

Wide range of application options for Face Recognition:
Jetway FRG1-3288 Face Recognition System series feature a wide range of application options for Face Recognition, such as facial recognition & ID authentication, education, finance, civil aviation, company official business, scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, operators…etc.