Jetway Content Management System and Quantum Dots Display are Coming!

Taipei, Taiwan, March 30, 2018 – Jetway, a world-leading Industrial PC (IPC) manufacturer, is pleased to announce the first Content Management System (CMS) and Quantum Dots Display for Q1’ 2018. The CMS can be applied to video wall solutions, transportation systems, intelligent retail solutions, and vending machine signage. Quantum Dots Display that brings wide color gamut and high performance for professional display market will become dominant across the electronic display industry in the near future.

CMS for Intelligent Retail Solution (IRS) Highlights:

While customer appearing in front of the TV zone in the megastore, where IRS can quickly draw people’s attention by showing the right spec in the TV screen with instant promotion offer. It can enhance the sale engagement and increase the sale revenue.

– Enhance the brand awareness
– Reduce the manpower overhead
– Save the USB dangle for environmental friendly
– Avoid the incorrect price labeling
– Instant promotion activity

CMS for Indoor Air Quality Signage (IAQS) Highlights:

While there is a haze effect in the outdoor environment, the indoor air quality become a major concern for those shopper or visitor in the public area, such as in the shopping mall. For the shopping mall management, to make sure the information or the promotion discount to be seen effectively, that you can apply IAQS display right beside the information counter or near the building entrance that shows the air quality data including PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, temperature, Humidity and the information you like to deliver to those target customers.

– Enhance the information engagement with the target customer.
– Monitoring and maintaining the indoor air quality in a good condition level.
– Instant promotion activity.

CMS for Assembly Production Line Highlights:

No more tiny A4 paper for the installation guide! Appearing with a larger screen display with clear picture of the assembly guild through JS CMS. Save the time and make it easier on shifting the assembly section.

– Standardize & schedule the assembly paperwork with precisely content over the production line display.
– Save the cost from the conventional way by printing A4 assembly paper, replacing with the high resolution content display on the assembly site.

Quantum Dots Display Highlights:
– Visual Brightness Enhance
– Adobe RGB up to 99% above
– NTSC from 72% up to 110% above
– Contrast Ratio Increase 40% above
– DCI-P3 Coverage 98.5%
– High Brightness Designation


Digital Signage Expo 2018 onsite video:

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