Policies and Procedures on RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorizations)  

RMA Application:

It is necessary to fill out RMA form (current RMA application form) for all returned products from customers to be repaired. The form is then emailed to the responsible salesperson at Jetway. Within one day of receiving the RMA form, the service person shall first follow SOP to screen out the products which warranty has expired and then reply by email to the responsible salesperson. Separate the products which warranty has expired and ask customers not to return them (salespersons need to communicate with customers about whether customers like to continue repairs by paying for repair fees and round-trip shipping cost). The remaining products in warranty period are assigned a RMA number.

Note 1: 

In the case that the customer is willing to pay for the repairs and the round-trip shipping cost of the products of expired warranty, it can be accepted after the salesperson has confirmed the customer’s intention.

Within warranty period, the shipping cost to Jetway is the responsibility of the customer, while the repaired product is sent back at Jetway’s cost.

The preferred time for customers to send RMA to Hong Kong is Tuesday and Friday, which provide the best efficiency.

Criteria to judge warranty expiration:

A. Whether the product has Jetway serial number, if there is no Jetway serial number, it is not within our warranty.
B. According to Jetway serial number, we are able to determine whether the product has expired.

For example, if Jetway serial number is X19BA8M09E00591, 19B indicates the product is shipped out of plant in November 2019. Based on expiration date, we can determine whether the product has expired.

C. Warranty of Purchased Products: Based on the announcement on corresponding brand websites.

Note 2:

During warranty period, if there is any problem that is not Jetway’s responsibility, for example (but not limited to) in the following, the customer should pay for the repairs. If it is not repairable, there will be no charge.

(1) Natural disaster, accident or negligence (6) Disassemble the structure or repair without authorization
(2) Violate the instructions in product manual (7) Intentional destruction
(3) Improper assembly or improper use (8) Oxidation for circuits or parts (please clear dust frequently to reduce the frequency of the problem)
(4) Use unauthorized parts (9) Used as testing equipment (like RAM, VGA, USB testing)
(5) Exceed the allowed conditions of use (10) Damage due to power failure

Note 3: 

A. Supplies, free gifts and packaging materials coming with the product are not covered by the warranty.
B. Service fee will be charged for inspection and repairs for products which warranty have expired or have no warranty.
C. Fee table for product of expired warranty/without warranty.


Testing Fee

Minor Component Damage

Secondary Component Damage

Primary Component Damage


  Resistor, capacitor, TTL IC, connector, socket etc. SMT chipset, AD IC, CPLD BGA, CPU, MCX314, PCI Bridge


Product pricex 15% Product pricex 25% Product pricex 35%


  CD-ROM drive, floppy disk drive, T/S control card, transformers, fans, metal cover, wire, screws Power supply, touch screen LCD, motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard disk


Product price x 15% Product price x 25% US$60 + component module price


RMA Process Operation

After receiving customer returned board, finish counting within (T+1) one day, and provide the list of exterior defects within (T+2) two days, and provide the list of malfunction within (T+3) three days. Starting from the next day of receiving board, (in two weeks ten working days) it must be returned to the customer.

If a customer returned board is found with exterior defect, burn damage or different appearance from original shipped product (for example, dispensed glue), immediately take photos, and after counting the whole batch of boards, communicate with the salesperson and the customer about the problem and the photos. When salespersons receive RMA feedbacks on the problem, immediately notify the customer and ask the customer to reply for next Action within 48 hours.

The following is packing instructions for customer returned RMA:

A. Please put CPU cover on CPU base to avoid skew pins due to pin collision, thereby requiring replacement of CPU socket. If replacement of CPU socket is needed, the customer is responsible for the cost (Note the cost).

B. For returned RMA product, provide proper packaging and protection.
Basic packaging → we suggest antistatic bag from the original factory + bubble bag.
Basic protection → we suggest using the original manufacturer’s packaging materials or proper materials (cardboard or Styrofoam etc.). Our warranty will not cover damage due to improper packaging.

C. Please mark out the RMA No. for the batch of RMA to facilitate further operation.

Packaging Operation for Returned RMA

Jetway standard packaging operation for customer returned product:

A. IPC motherboard standard packaging →antistatic bag + bubble bag + honeycomb box Barebone standard packaging → EPE (pearl cotton) bag + bubble bag + honeycomb box.
B. IPC OEM packaging → shipped out as standard products, including a whole set of accessories. (fee standard: accessory system total cost *3)
C. Barebone OEM packaging → shipped out as standard products, including a whole set of accessories. (fee standard: accessory system total cost *3)

Note 4:
OEM special packaging charge calculation:
{Standard product packaging + whole accessory set (unit cost total *1.5)} + shipping cost.

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