17inch Elkhart Lake Panel PC



17.0" TFT FanLess Touch Panel Computer with Intel® Elkhart Lake J6412 2.0GHz Quad Cores Processor Features 1. 17.0”350 nits high brightness TFT LCD with LED backlight 2. 5 Wire Resistive Touch/Anti-Reflection Protection Glass 3. Cable less, Streamlined enclosure for highly efficient heat dissipation Enclosed in robust aluminum casings 4. Strong solid aluminum frame design and Fanless cooling system 5. Support Open frameless design 6. Design for easy Wall mount, Panel Mount, VESA Mount installation 7. A true Flat, easy-to-clean front surface with edge-to-edge design 8. USB2.0 Support Lock Device 9. Front IP65 for protection against water and dust 10. 12-28V DC-input Support, with EOS, OVP design 11. Support TPM2.0 (HPC170GR-HD6412T2 only) 12. VESA Support 100x100mm  Certification