The MI24 – A More Dynamic Mini-ITX from Jetway

The new MI24 Mini-ITX board is a multimarket game-changer, blending dynamism with utility for deployments as varied as factory machinery to user-friendly kiosk stations. Utilizing the 13th Gen Intel Core platform, the MI24 offers efficient operation when needed, coupled with advanced technologies enabling your solutions to handle multiple complex tasks simultaneously, and even harness new deep learning capabilities. Furthermore, the dense interface selection offered by the board allows applications to take full advantage of these technologies, including support for multiple simultaneous 4K displays, exceptionally fast data transmission, and robust communication protocols.

Powered by either the Intel® Core™ i5-1335UE or Intel® Core™ i5-1335U processors, the MI24 grants users 10 cores and 12 threads of processing performance for high-complexity workloads, even with the CPU’s low-power 15W base. The inclusion of Intel® DL Boost also allows users to take advantage of a new Vector Neural Network Instruction (VNNI) platform to augment deep learning performance, for industrial control applications that require a solution that can offer dynamic task execution as well as efficient resource allocation.

Equipped with dual SODIMM slots supporting 64GB of DDR5 at up to 5200 MT/s, the MI24 places great emphasis on high-bandwidth data transmission, channeled through a versatile and advanced set of interfaces. The board provides two RJ-45 ports for Intel® I225-LM and Intel® I225-V, both at 2.5GbE, alongside four USB 3.2 Gen 2 for strong peripheral connectivity. For internal connectors, the MI24 offers six serial ports, an 8-bit GPIO, and SMBus to implement machine control protocols, as well as M.2 expansion support for both Wi-Fi 6 and 5G wireless connectivity.

The MI24’s LVDS connector (colay eDP) grants users the most suitable output for industrial HMI use, adding an extra dimension to CNC and PLC applications. However, the board’s Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics compatibility pairs well with a multifaceted, high-quality choice of displays made up of dual HDMI 2.0b and dual DP 1.4a via USB Type-C. This configuration makes the MI24 a high-end option for advanced digital signage and kiosk solutions, producing four simultaneous 4K displays at 60Hz.

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