Jetway’s Industrial Panel PC Range – Where Innovation Meets Resilience

Jetway’s Aluminum Die-Cast Panel PC series simplifies industrial automation, offering a product portfolio that ranges from compact 15” to 27” LG in-cell multi-capacitive touch screen devices supporting multiple generations of Intel® Core™ processors. Full-function I/O provides the PCs with all necessary protocols for seamless intermachine communication, along with wireless expansion for OPC UA architecture compatibility. Equipped with rugged features and an innovative fanless design, Jetway’s Panel PC range is also designed to withstand even the harshest industrial environments. This, paired with a plethora of multipurpose interfaces, make the series a comprehensive solution for industrial deployment, from machine control to human-machine interface (HMI) applications.

Each Panel PC in the Jetway collection is meticulously designed for easy setup, deployment, and user-friendliness. Two conveniently placed chassis windows grant access to a variety of expansion options, including an M.2 M-Key for a four-channel PCIe module and a 2.5” SATA HDD to flexibly accommodate application storage needs, while the inclusion of M.2 E and B-Key slots provide support for Wi-Fi and 5G, respectively. Adding to this flexibility is panel access to the platform’s SODIMM slots, supporting up to 64GB DDR4 system memory for high-bandwidth data transmission for communication with factory machinery.

Featuring two COM ports that support RS-232/422/485, as well as an additional two supporting RS-232 co-layed with two GPIO ports via an integrated daughter board, Jetway’s Panel PCs offer interfaces designed to facilitate various communication protocols for industrial automation applications, such as PLCs and CNC controllers. Additionally, dual LAN ports supporting both GbE and 2.5GbE networking are complemented by a total of six USB ports, providing robust wired connectivity for peripherals such as IP cameras and sensors. The platform also ensures the security of data in transit through the inclusion of TPM 2.0.

Built to excel in factory environments, these platforms utilize a dual heat pipe system for efficient thermal dissipation, allowing for fanless operation to guard against dust infiltration. This advantage is further bolstered by the platform’s broad 12V ~ 36V power input range and its overvoltage protection design, ensuring system stability even in settings with unreliable power sources. Adding to its reliability is an IP65-rated front multi-capacitive touch screen, providing a robust solution for HMI applications. The platforms also offer a range of mounting options to suit various deployment settings, reducing installation time.